SneakFest Sneaker Expo

memphis grizzlies
MARCH 12, 2022

1 PM - 6 PM CST


191 beale st. memphis, tn 38103
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What is SneakFest?

Inspired by enthusiasts of fashion and footwear,

SneakFest Sneaker Expo is a gathering of sneakerheads and urban fashion connoisseurs alike in an environment of exchange.


Vendors from around the United States selling sneakers, clothing, accessories and much more!


Attendees may bring as many pairs of sneakers inside as he or she can hold, in order to Buy, Sell, and Trade among various vendors and among the crowd!


Find those exclusive pair of sneakers you've always wanted,

sell that exclusive pair in your collection,

or simply come enjoy the atmosphere!


- SneakFest Team