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SneakFest Sneaker Expo

Saturday October 14, 2023

1 PM - 6 PM CT

995 Early Maxwell Blvd, Memphis, TN 38104


SneakFest MSEC (3).png

The Memphis Sports & Events Center features indoor basketball and volleyball hard courts, and is adaptable for other sports like wrestling, gymnastics, cheerleading, and more, as well as a wide variety of events. SneakFest will feature over 37,000 sq feet of space for our upcoming expo.

What is SneakFest?

SneakFest Sneaker Expo is a fun event for fashion and sneaker lovers. It's a gathering of sneaker enthusiasts and urban fashion fans, where vendors from all over the US sell sneakers, clothing, and accessories. You can bring as many sneakers as you can carry and participate in buying, selling, and trading with vendors and fellow attendees. It's a great opportunity to find exclusive sneakers, sell your own rare pairs, or just enjoy the lively atmosphere!

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